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Training & Employee Development

Olive Training Consultants have the capability and experience to deliver a wide and eclectic range of training and development programmes which have all been thoroughly tested and proven in various sectors.

Whatever your location or field, we can easily adapt the training to your specific needs and conditions. All our programmes are a complete training package, not simply a PowerPoint presentation. Each package consists of: training materials (which may or may not include a presentation), an assessment tool (where appropriate) and participants handouts. We expect you to require the absolute maximum value from our courses and ensure they meet the highest quality standards. All our programmes can be delivered in Thai, Indonesian or English.

Our current suite of programmes include:

Workplace Trainer and Assessor (train-the-trainer).

This course is for companies and individuals who need to deliver formal competency-based training and assessment of training to their staff or customers. This course is ideal for supervisors and area experts in both vocation skills or theory based training courses.

Some of the areas covered on the course include:

• How to prepare and present training sessions

• Developing training materials and assessment tools

• Evaluating and assessing participants

• Use training packages to meet client needs

• Techniques and methodology in a training setting

To ensure participants build confidence in training and assessment, all attendees deliver a minimum of four practice training sessions to a group, followed by feedback sessions with the trainers.

Professional Presentations.

Do you need to deliver short departmental presentations during meetings? Or do need design and deliver longer presentations to larger audiences? Whatever you needs our presentations skills courses are tailored to your specific circumstances and depending on your or your team’s personal requirements, to help you become a highly skilled and engaging presenter.

The approach is very practical and allows you to develop key skills and techniques through exercises, critique, presentation practice and review.

The on-going feedback you receive from your trainer will be detailed and specific to you. This can also include video as an additional form of feedback during the sessions.

Culturally Specific

Different cultures create, deliver and even participate in presentations quite differently. For example, American presentations are to the point, getting the bottom line, whereas Germans need all the details and data. Most Asians will not interrupt during presentation and enjoy an unhurried pace. Our programmes are bespoke to your needs, whether it’s a team of Thai educators needing to deliver presentations to American clients or a heterogeneous team needing skills to deliver to a Chinese audience, we will build your programme specifically to your needs.

English Language Training

Our Corporate English Training Programmes are specifically designed for companies seeking to enhance their employees’ communication skills. Our English courses for organisations include core language training within professional business contexts, ensuring relevance to your core business vocabulary. Our programmes are totally bespoke to your teams’ needs and are scalable in regard to time, frequency and cost. Our courses include: Teacher Training, Report Writing, English for Business. 

Teacher Training, Sibolga, Indonesia.

Leadership Training Programmes

Olive Training Consultants provide organisations with leadership development through its Bespoke Leadership Programme. The programme enables your employees to develop their capabilities and effectiveness as a leader by identifying and reflecting on their strengths and areas for development.

As each Leadership Programme is designed specifically for every client’s specific needs, we are able to achieve desired outcomes to all levels of management from foundation, middle management and senior management.