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Bespoke Training Solutions


Based in Southeast Asia, Olive Training Consultants are a team comprised of highly skilled and experienced Training and Education professionals with experience living and working in numerous global locations, particularly within Southeast Asia.

We understand how effective training solutions positively affect an organization’s revenue, wellbeing and people development and our team takes a comprehensive approach to individual client needs.

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Consultative Approach

Our client relationships are the backbone of our company. We work on an individual basis with our clients to create a customized and scalable solution, ensuring that each organization’s needs are not only met, but exceeded. By offering the combination of training, consulting and education services we are able to create a personalized solution that is customized to each client. Whether you need a portion of our services portfolio or a comprehensive solution, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Although based in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, we can bring our services directly to your organisation’s premises or suitable training venues close by, wherever you are located globally.

Colin Harlow

Director & Lead Consultant/Trainer

Colin has lived in Thailand since 1994. He has worked as a training and development expert in the mining, energy and security sectors in South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa for over 20 years. Colin is also the Senior Cross-Culture trainer and is a licensed partner with the UK’s CultureActive, a part of the world renowned Richard Lewis Crossculture group and you can see his full bio and CultureActive profile here.

He holds an MBA in International Education from Keele University in England and as well as English, speaks Thai, Indonesian and has a working knowledge of Laotian. 

Lidya Vilencia

Lidya Vilencia (Indonesia)

Lidya graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Klabat University Manado, North Sulawesi, her hometown. She has over seven years’ experience in teaching cross-cultural programmes and Bahasa Indonesia to expatriate employees within Indonesia’s resources and energy sectors. She is also a highly experienced English teacher.

As well as Bahasa Indonesia, Lidya speaks various Indonesian dialects, English and Spanish.

Henri Mohammad

Henri Mohammad (Indonesia)

Henri is from Jakarta and graduated from the Teacher Training & Education Faculty in Muhammadiyah University of Purwokerto. He has delivered cross-cultural training to expatriates and Indonesian employees in numerous sectors across Indonesia, as well as Train-the-Trainer programmes within vocational settings. 

He is also an experienced English teacher and speaks English, Bahasa Java and of course, Bahasa Indonesia. 

Training Methodology

Our Training and Development Methodology
and Principles of Programme Development

Due to the nature of our training methodology, we encourage face-to-face classes. However, in some cases we are happy to deliver programmes via online communications systems such as Teams or Zoom. During the initial training needs analysis stage these methods are often useful in reducing cost and saving time.

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Tailor-made Programme
Design and Content:

Developed based on client needs and realities to achieve desired objectives.

Materials are contextualized to ensure relevance and a connection with all Participants. We recognise people have different preferred learning styles and therefore we ensure all these are catered for at the design stage.

Utilisation of research, studies and experience of other programmes of similar nature to strengthen the programme’s design and content.

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Experiential Learning

Highly participative and hands on approach, allowing participants to internalize the learning experience.

Staged learning process, of which earlier stages are sustained and serve as the bases for further learning and enhance retention.

We aim to facilitate growth among all participants by engaging them emotionally in the training. Only by doing this will retention be maximised.

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High Quality Facilitation

Facilitation process that builds participants’ understanding gradually and in a nonthreatening way.

Trained facilitators who are able to create rapport, connect and translate the learning process to participants’ realities and ‘language’.

Contextualised activities and personalised feedback ensure all training is meaningful and relevant.

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Cultural Awareness and Cross-Cultural Communications Training
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Cross-Cultural Consulting
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Training & Employee Development
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Training Consultancy

Our Services

In today’s globalized workplace, effective communication among culturally diverse teams is paramount in maintaining a harmonious work environment. Yet the barriers to effective communication are many and often subtle and often bewildering to westerners working within a Southeast Asian context.

Our cultural awareness and cross-cultural communications courses are far more than dos and don’ts. We look beyond this and reflect on what lies behind cultural traits, behaviours and belief systems. As well as being extremely helpful and pragmatic, our cultural awareness programmes are highly interactive and very interesting; no trust falls, blindfolds or gimmicky activities; we use your precious time efficiently and effectively within a professional learning context. read more>>

Our Services

Have your expat and Thai team members gotten off to a bad start? Are there communications issues, between expat and Thai staff that are hindering progress or acting as a barrier to your organisation’s goals?

Are your expat employees finding it difficult to breakthrough with Thai clients or partners?

If the answers to any of these questions is yes, then we can help.
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Our Services

Olive Training Consultants have the capability and experience to deliver a wide and eclectic range of training and development programmes which have all been thoroughly tested and proven in various sectors.

Whatever your location or field, we can easily adapt the training to your specific needs and conditions. All our programmes are a compete training package, not simply a PowerPoint presentation. Each package consists of: training materials (which may or may not include a presentation), an assessment tool (where appropriate) and participants handouts. We expect you to require the absolute maximum value from our courses and ensure they meet the highest quality standards.
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Our Services

If you are considering investing in training or even creating your own in-house training department or arming your HR department with an employee competence matrix, we will be able to assist or guide you through the process. read more>>