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Cross Cultural Consulting

Have your expat and Thai team members gotten off to a bad start? Are there communications issues, between expat and Thai staff that are hindering progress or acting as a barrier to your organisation’s goals? Are your expat employees finding it difficult to breakthrough with Thai clients or partners? If the answers to any of these questions is yes, then we can help. Our Cross-Cultural Awareness Consultation follows a three-part process:

1. We listen to you.

Through discussions, focus groups and questionnaires, we will conduct in-depth research of the situation to understand how expatriate and Thai employees perceive the situation. By understanding all stakeholders’ perception of the issues, we can better focus on any barriers or misconceptions currently present.

2. Identifying Shared goals and Expectations.

By understanding everyone’s goals and expectations, we can better remove any barriers currently in place or address any areas where we can identify and address any behavioural obstacles.

3. Creating Resolutions and Solutions.

Working closely with you, we provide solutions to move forward with confidence and a sense of clarity in where you are going. This could include training initiatives, regular team activities or one-to-one mentoring. Furthermore, we provide ongoing support and advice for all the outcomes achieved and those aspired to. Please email us for more information regarding our cross-cultural consultation capabilities.